What happens when the spirit world clashes with corporate greed? Corporation Games – a new fictional corporate thriller by Anneleigh Jacobsen
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Corporation Games by Anneleigh Jacobsen – a fictional corporate thriller based on a number of real-life financial scandals that have rocked South Africa.

The sex, money and greed of the corporate world are pitted against the quiet resilience of rural people. The end will leave you in awe.

About the book

What happens when the spirit world of South Africa clashes with corporate greed?

Why have the tokoloshes been sent to sniff out evil in Sandton?

How come the shades begin to move behind the automated sliding doors in the silent coolness of marble where money talks louder than people?

Georgie leads a highly skilled team of eager brand managers. They get the figures, understand the consumer and know when to give the weary buyers slack. Why then does the MD of Nielsen throw his toys?

More than 500 km away, in rural KwaZulu-Natal, Sindiwe, a smart, modern woman, learns more about the ancestral world than she has ever wished to.

‘She said we need to send the tokoloshes out, to find where this death is coming from. To find the person, the place, so that we can all know.’

About the author

Anneleigh Jacobsen used to be a brand manager in Sandton, representing some of South Africa’s biggest corporations. She has since relocated to Cape Town from where she now runs her own international business. Corporation Games is her first novel.

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