‘We need to explore our own country’ – Sihle Khumalo chats about his new book, Rainbow Nation My Zulu Arse
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In his new book, Rainbow Nation My Zulu Arse, Sihle Khumalo travels around South Africa’s highways and byways, discovering the beautiful and bizarre.

After exploring more than 20 other African nations using only public transport in the bestselling  Dark Continent My Black Arse and Almost Sleeping My Way To Timbuktu, this time Khumalo roams within the borders of his own country.

The author visited eNCA to talk about the book, and summed up what he hopes readers will take from it:

‘We live in a beautiful country, we need to take time out to really explore our very own country,’ Khumalo says. ‘I don’t think we do that enough as South Africans. It’s very important that we know a lot about our country, the historical context. People from all over the world come and experience it and yet we, as South Africans, never experience that for ourselves. So that’s the first thing, we need to travel and explore our very own country.

‘Second, we must be very involved in what is happening in the country. We must not leave it to the politicians, that’s not good enough. We need to be involved. On the education of our children, if you feel the education system is not good enough, why are we quiet about it? We need to raise such issues. That is the only way we can move the country forward, by getting engaged as a society, irrespective of our political affiliations.’

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Sihle Khumalo's finds the weird and wonderful in SA

Travel writer Sihle Khumalo's new book sees him traversing the country's highways and byways, discovering the beautiful and bizarre. He visited eNCAnews to talk about his latest book, Rainbow Nation My Zulu Arse: A voyage around Mzansi – rants and raves included! Whether or not he’s baffled, surprised, or sometimes plain angry, Sihle Khumalo will always find warmth in his fellow South Africans: security guards, religious visionaries, drunks, political activists and the many other colourful personalities that come alive in his riveting account.ISBN 9781415209547Recommended Price: R230Now available: http://bit.ly/2Sfkl4V

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