[Watch] An in-depth interview with author Mphuthumi Ntabeni on his historical novel The Broken River Tent
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Mphuthumi Ntabeni chatted to social worker and writer John GI Clarke about his debut novel The Broken River Tent.

The Broken River Tent is set in the time of Maqoma, the Xhosa chief at the forefront of fighting British colonialism in the Eastern Cape in the 19th century.

Clarke says Ntabeni’s novel is ‘not only a historically accurate remembering but an spiritually authentic “re-membering”‘:

The hours I spent with Mpush in Kirstenbosch Gardens reflecting on his journey, and the commonality with my journey was one of the highlights of my year – a year that has seen the beginning of the end of my own 18 year journey in support of the Amadiba coastal residents of the Wild Coast in getting a judge to endorse their right to say no to mining, lest their story repeated the tragic story of land dispossession and suffering that The Broken River Tent narrates.

We talked about that too.

Watch the video:


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