[Video] Hoe maak jy ’n kopskuif na ’n gesonder leefstyl? Gesondheidskenner en skrywer Bernadine Douglas vertel
 More about the book!

Bernadine Douglas het onlangs met Zena le Roux gesels oor haar jongste boek, Your 12-week Body & Mind Transformation.

In die onderhoud, gevoer in Afrikaans, sê Bernadine dat ’n gesonde leefstyl oor soveel meer as gewigsverlies gaan – dit is ewe belangrik hoe jy in jou kop en jou hart voel.

‘Daar’s soveel vrouens wat in situasies sit wat nie lekker is nie – dit gaan oor mind over matter,’ sê Bernadine. ‘Dis jou gedagtes wat jou siek maak.’

Hoe maak jy daardie kopskuif na ’n gesonder leefstyl?

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About the book

Are you a woman who has had a lifelong struggle with your weight and tried many different diets unsuccessfully? Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting and emotional eating and do not want a programme that is too restrictive or hard to follow? Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes or are you insulin resistant?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Your 12-week Body & Mind Transformation is for you! This is not a diet book. Instead, this hands-on, practical guide offers a permanent lifestyle change that will help you correct your eating habits by changing your mindset to achieve the results you want. Spread over 12 weeks, this easy-to-follow programme will teach you how to embark on a life-changing journey one step, and one day, at a time.

Each week features a healthy, nourishing and delicious meal plan that is low in sugar, quick and easy to prepare, and suitable for the whole family to enjoy. The book is also full of practical tips, advice and weekly homework tasks to help you identify what is holding you back mentally and emotionally. Shopping and swap-out lists are included too, as are weekly exercises that are easy to do at home, with links to online video demonstrations.

With its focus on a low sugar intake and intermittent fasting, which has proven to be the best and most effective method to boost weight loss, improve the immune system and rebalance hormones, Your 12-week Body & Mind Transformation will help you overcome emotional eating and forever put a stop to yo-yo dieting.

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