Unmask the dark side of Facebook with Broken Code by Jeff Horwitz
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Broken Code: Inside Facebook and the Fight to Expose Its Harmful Secrets by Jeff Horwitz – a must-read unveiling the cost of the social media giant’s unchecked power.

Award-winning Wall Street Journal reporter Horwitz spills the inside story in this riveting exposé.

Broken Code is the inside story of the employees who were brought in to fix Facebook but instead uncovered disturbing problems that made them question whether it was beyond saving.

Facebook had a problem. Along with its sister platforms Instagram and WhatsApp, it was a daily destination for billions of users around the world, extolling its products for connecting people. But as a succession of scandals rocked Facebook from 2016, some began to question whether the company could control, or even understood, its own platforms.

As Facebook employees searched for answers, what they uncovered was worse than they could’ve imagined. The problems ran far deeper than politics. Facebook was peddling and amplifying anger, looking the other way at human trafficking, enabling drug cartels and authoritarians and allowing VIP users to break the platform’s supposedly inviolable rules.

It turned out to be eminently possible to isolate many of Facebook’s worst problems, but whenever employees offered solutions their work was consistently delayed, watered down or stifled by a company that valued user engagement above all else. The only option left was to blow the whistle.

In Broken Code, Horwitz tells the riveting inside story of these employees and their explosive discoveries, uncovering the shocking cost of Facebook’s blind ambition in the process.

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