The Collected Regrets of Clover – an uplifting story about living a full, beautiful life
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The Collected Regrets of Clover by Mikki Brammer is out now from Penguin Random House – a big-hearted story about figuring out what you want from life, and then finding the courage to go after it.

Probing, clever and hopeful, The Collected Regrets of Clover turns the normally taboo subject of death into a reason to celebrate life.

‘A beautiful, uplifting novel about unexpected friendship, a decades-old love story, and finding the courage to live your best life.’ –  Lucy Diamond

‘I fell in love with Clover, longed for her world to open up and cheered when she finally realised that comfort zones are designed to be stepped out of.’ – Jill Mansell

‘This weird, lovely and sweetly satisfying novel [is] engaging and accessible…Clover’s emergence from a shuttered life is moving enough to elicit tears, and Brammer’s take on death and grieving is profound enough to feel genuinely instructional.’ – The New York Times Book Review

About the book

What’s the point of giving someone a beautiful death if you can’t give yourself a beautiful life?

From the day she watched her kindergarten teacher drop dead during a dramatic telling of Peter Rabbit, Clover Brooks has felt a stronger connection with the dying than she has with the living. After the beloved grandfather who raised her dies alone while she is traveling, Clover becomes a death doula in New York City, dedicating her life to ushering people peacefully through their end-of-life process.

Clover spends so much time with the dying that she has no life of her own, until the final wishes of a feisty old woman send Clover on a trip across the country to uncover a forgotten love story – and perhaps, her own happy ending. As she finds herself struggling to navigate the uncharted roads of romance and friendship, Clover is forced to examine what she really wants, and whether she’ll have the courage to go after it.

About the author

Mikki Brammer is an Australian journalist currently based in New York. She spent her childhood in Tasmania surrounded by a flock of quirky great aunts and uncles who instilled her with a passion for adventure, curiosity and storytelling. She has spent the past nine years writing about design, architecture and art for publications including Architectural Digest, Dwell and Lonely Planet. The Collected Regrets of Clover is her first novel.

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