Solidarity Reads – get the ebooks at 21% off for 21 days! Our Dystopian Days – a world imagined or the real deal?

Solidarity Reads: Delivering the best ebooks Jacana Media has to offer at very special prices – 21% off for 21 days.

For the 21-day lockdown period Jacana Media is curating a series of ebook special offers from its extensive catalogue of titles.

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Jacana Media Solidarity Reads Day 8

We read fiction to escape into the world of imagination through authors’ stories and the characters they create for us.

Dystopian novels position writers to push their own creativity and our minds further – conjuring places and societies that are dangerous, different and perhaps not so far in the future.

In keeping with our new normal as we remain in lockdown, we bring you two dystopian novels to feed your restless minds and fertile imaginings.

Dub Steps

by Andrew Miller

Dub Steps has a strange long aftertaste. It is science fiction with ordinary characters trying to understand what it is to be alive. People have gone, suddenly, inexplicably, and the remaining handful have to find each other and start again. Nature comes back, Johannesburg becomes wonderfully overgrown, designer pigs watch from the periphery walls, and the small group of survivors have to find ways of living with their own flaws and those of others.

There are no clichés in this book, but there is plenty of humour, originality and a gripping, unusual interrogation of the ordinary but really extraordinary fact of being alive.

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Selling LipService

by Tammy Baikie

Since coming of haemorrh-age, Frith must wear a LipService patch to write or speak. The words the patch produces are not her own. Scripted by a copywriter, they promote one sponsoring brand or another. With them, You – a voice in her head that is the patch’s brand persona and her conformist alter ego – appears.

Through the noise of You talking a variety of different LipService brands, Frith struggles to find her way back to speaking for herself. She believes her tastures – her ability to taste things she touches – are the key. But other elements of this consumerist society are equally interested in tastures for commercial gain.

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