Paballo Thekiso chats about his new book, The Black Consciousness Reader
 More about the book!

Paballo Thekiso chatted to Polity SA about The Black Consciousness Reader, the new book out from Jacana Media, published to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Steve Biko’s murder.

The book brings together the history, culture, philosophy and meaning of Black Consciousness through the voices, art, religion, music, writing, politics, solidarity and dreams of some of those who developed it in order to finally bring revolution to South Africa.

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Thekiso, a photojournalist and videographer, was tasked with researching and sourcing rare photographs of Steve Biko and other people instrumental in the Black Consciousness movement.

Thekiso says Steve Biko’s murder sabotaged and stalled the Black Consciousness movement.

‘We believe Black Consciousness is a state of mind, a state of awareness,’ Thekiso says. ‘If we become aware of who we are, if we appreciate who we are, if we have a sense of self, this can solve a lot of problems in South Africa today.’

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