How to Grow Rich: 50 Ways to Debunk Money Myths and Master Wealth by Douglas Kruger
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This year, take control of your finances and learn how to grow rich, debunk some money myths, and finally master your personal wealth.

How to Grow Rich: 50 Ways to Debunk Money Myths and Master Wealth is out now from Penguin Random House SA!

In How to Grow Rich, Douglas Kruger, bestselling author of Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? and Poverty Proof, returns with his hardest-hitting book yet.

This take-no-prisoners exploration of how money works will challenge you on everything you think you know while arming you with economically sound principles for growing your prosperity. No holds are barred when it comes to discussing how governments, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, keep people poor, and which deeply held belief systems promote poverty.

How to Grow Rich explores and debunks all the accepted clichés, which are more dangerous than you might think. It also asks what sort of society becomes prosperous, and what political moves inhibit wealth-building for individuals.

And then we get to the gold: you, and how you can think, act and plan in order to radically transform your own wealth potential. It may be a bumpy ride, but the information in this book will change your life, your wealth and your entire worldview about money.

The topic of wealth is divided into two sets of opposing solutions: the ones sold by smiling politicians who want your vote, and those quietly explained by entrepreneurs and business owners who have been through the mill and know what it takes to become extremely rich.


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