How being the son of a chief kept me humble: Bantu Holomisa chats about his biography The Game Changer
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Bantu Holomisa chatted to Polity SA about the biography of his life, Bantu Holomisa: The Game Changer, written by Eric Naki.

The book takes us through some life defining political moments, but alongside that we learn about a person who is known for his generosity and love of his family.

Naki writes about his surprise at how Holomisa has remained a simple man, despite his power and fame.

‘I guess that is based on my upbringing,’ Holomisa says. ‘As the son of a chief, the home I grew up in was a home to all. So when the chief has meetings, he listens, and people come with different complaints. So you are a man of the people. I guess that’s why my parent named me Bantubonke, that means all the people.’

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