Gain a better understanding of life in our oceans with Beachcombing in South Africa – a colourful and family friendly guide
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Beachcombing in South Africa by Rudy van der Elst is out now from Penguin Random House!

Dip into this exciting guide to explore and understand the vast array of treasures and curiosities that wash up on or inhabit our seashores.

From seaweeds, sea-beans and sponges, crabs and cowries, oysters and octopuses to birds, fish, worms and floaters, and even the occasional mammal, this book will help identify and interpret your find.

Enhance your beach experience, satisfy your curiosity, and gain a better understanding of life in our oceans and along our shores with this colourful and family friendly guide.

About the book

Anyone who spends time beside the sea knows there’s a wealth of ‘treasure’ to be found, be it natural or manufactured, living or washed up. Beachcombing in South Africa is a friendly guide to the seashore’s rich pickings.

Short chapters such as Floaters and drifters, Sea-beans, Sponges, Eggs and egg cases, and many more, detail what can be found and how to interpret or identify specimens. Items may reveal links to activities or biological events in the nearby ocean – or, perhaps, thousands of miles away. They may relate to human activities, such as fish or bird tagging, or be oceanographic instruments separated from their moorings. Or they may be part of the growing menace of flotsam and jetsam from the planet’s burgeoning human population.

This book will enhance the experience of beachcombing, satisfy curiosity about finds, and contribute to a better understanding of the life in our oceans and along our shores.

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