‘Food that reminds you of a special place that’s home’ – watch the virtual launch of Hosting With The Lazy Makoti
 More about the book!

Mogau Seshoene recently launched her brand new cookbook Hosting With The Lazy Makoti!

In a launch event with TV and radio personality Anele Mdoda, Seshoene explained the inspiration behind the book.

‘My greatest inspiration for all the recipes I do will always be my heritage, will always be memories from my childhood,’ she says. ‘I’ve always felt, even when I was in culinary school, even in the industry, I still sometimes feel that there is a demographic that is not always spoken to, there are foods that don’t always get their time in the sun or in the spotlight.

‘That’s really what I wanted to do, I wanted to celebrate the unique South African palate, I wanted to put together food that reminds you of a special place that’s home.

‘It’s not always fancy but it’s always delicious, it’s always warm, and it always feels like love.’

During their chat, Mdoda and Seshoene discuss choosing the photograph for the book’s cover and what kind of recipes and info you can find inside.

They even cook some of the recipes live – including fake chicken wings, boozy ice lollies, one dish chicken and rice and many more!

Watch the launch here (WARNING: Don’t watch hungry!):

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