Field Guide to Renosterveld of the Overberg – a vital addition to any nature lover’s bookshelf
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Field Guide to Renosterveld of the Overberg is out now from Penguin Random House SA.

This is the first and only field guide to the Renosterveld.

Part of the Fynbos biome, Renosterveld is one of the world’s most threatened vegetation types, with just 5% of its original extent remaining.

Focusing specifically on the Renosterveld of the Overberg region in the Western Cape, this field guide is the first of its kind to cover this highly endangered ecosystem, characterised by nutrient-rich soil which has been exploited for agriculture.

  • An in-depth introduction sets the scene, defining what Renosterveld is and giving some historical background to the ecology of the area.
  • The plants section follows, featuring over 980 plant species from the common and ‘showy’ to the weird, obscure and often-overlooked.
  • A shorter section of 140 animal species showcases the diversity of creatures found here despite severe habitat loss and fragmentation.
  • Additional features include a glossary with supporting illustrations, guidelines for landowners and farmers, and a comprehensive index.

Field Guide to Renosterveld of the Overberg promises to be an enduring record of this unique and severely threatened ecosystem.

It will be a vital addition to any nature lover’s bookshelf.

About the authors

Odette Curtis-Scott is the founder and Director of the Overberg Renosterveld Conservation Trust and has spent many years fighting for the preservation of this ecosystem. In 2014, she received the Botanical Society of South Africa’s Flora Conservation Award in recognition of her work. Curtis-Scott has worked with Mike Goulding, Nick Helme, Rhoda McMaster, Sean Privett and Charles Stirton to develop this material – a team of experts committed to preserving the Renosterveld.

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