Errieda du Toit taps into our collective food memories in Share: A Century of South African Community Recipes
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Just in time for Christmas – Errieda du Toit’s latest cookbook Share: A Century of South African Community Recipes.

Champion of South African home-cooking Errieda du Toit set out to write a cookbook about the food we most love to eat and the culture of sharing these recipes in community cookbooks.

Intrigued by our strong attachment to these dog-eared, food-stained recipe collections, she pored over 150 titles spanning a century.

Share is her tribute to this humble culinary source and a celebration of its collaborative spirit. It’s the first to deal specifically with the genre, and the result is a delightful, quirky and thoroughly modern homage that taps into our food memories in a unique way.

Share features a wide selection of recipes as generous, gracious and welcoming as the home cooks who shared them: the keepers (recipes known for their longevity), the never-fails (those epic recipes that never let you down), communal food for come-on-overs, retro classics and those defining dishes and bakes treasured as heritage food.

Bringing visual expression to Errieda’s vision, Share is beautifully photographed, and wittily styled and designed to further capture the character and off-beat traits of the genre.

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