The Profiler Diaries 2

Don’t miss the launch of Gérard Labuschagne’s fascinating and hair-raising book The Profiler Diaries 2 (30 Nov)

Penguin Random House invites you to the launch of The Profiler Diaries 2: From Crime Scene to Courtroom by Gérard Labuschagne.

Catching a killer is one thing; getting them convicted is a different ball game – read an excerpt from The Profiler Diaries 2 by Gérard Labuschagne

Penguin Random House has shared an excerpt from The Profiler Diaries 2 – more riveting cases from the files of former police psychologist and bestselling author Gérard Labuschagne.

‘I never saw it as my goal to make everyone happy; the goal is to solve crime.’

Dr Gérard Labuschagne was the head of the SAPS’s specialised Investigative Psychology Section, the only unit mandated to profile offenders, for 14 and a half years, during which time he analysed 110 murder series and countless other bizarre crimes.