Thu – 9th Sep 2021

Die noodlot vs. Ethienne Reynecke – wie het die fight gewen? Lees ’n uittreksel uit Rateltaai deur Tinus van Staden

In 2018 het die doodsengel drie keer met Ethienne Reynecke kom skoorsoek. Lees ’n uittreksel uit Rateltaai deur Tinus van Staden.

Wed – 8th Sep 2021

WEN ’n lekker braai-geskenkpak ter waarde van R2,000! Skryf in voor 30 September 2021

Waar daar ’n rokie is … is daar ’n braai-geskenkpak ter waarde van R2,000 wat jy kan wen!

Tue – 7th Sep 2021

Celebrating the LGBTIQ+ people whose stories freed us – Skeef author Renaldo Schwarp writes what’s on his mind

Retelling our story on our own terms enables us to develop a greater awareness about our identity and those of others, says media personality and Skeef author Renaldo Schwarp.

A Father Is Born: A Memoir – Tumiso Mashaba considers fatherhood, black masculinity, toxic masculinity and generational trauma

A Father Is Born: A Memoir by Tumiso Mashaba is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

Mon – 6th Sep 2021

Nou op die rakke! Skeef: Wat jy van LGBTIQ-wees wil weet deur Renaldo Schwarp

Selfaanvaarding, outentisiteit, gesonde verhoudings en geluk is LGBTIQ-mense beskore – Renaldo Schwarp se boek Skeef vertel hoe.

Healthy meals on a budget? Get inspired with Armand’s Nude Food: 50 Banting and Keto Recipes

Armand is back, stripped all the way, as usual, with Armand’s Nude Food: 50 Banting and Keto Recipes!

Chef Karen Dudley will be hosting three live online Cook Alongs this month!

Let Karen Dudley show you her secrets using her recipes from A Week in The Kitchen!

Black Consciousness: A Love Story – Hlumelo Biko re-examines what it takes to live a Black Consciousness life in today’s South Africa

Black Consciousness: A Love Story by Hlumelo Biko is out this month from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

Fri – 3rd Sep 2021

Footnotes, September 2021: Book links from around the web

At The Reading List, we’re trainspotters when it comes to interesting book links, and here are a number that caught our eye.

Thu – 2nd Sep 2021

Deon Meyer’s new thriller The Dark Flood will be out in November!

The Dark Flood – the new thriller from bestseller Deon Meyer – is out in November from Jonathan Ball Publishers!

Tue – 31st Aug 2021

Tales of a Rural Traveller by Collen Serite

Tales of a Rural Traveller is an autobiographical novel following the life of Mosupatsela, a young man born into a poverty-stricken family who rises to make a name for himself in the various circles of life he becomes exposed to.

Poli Poli by Barbara Masekela – the story of an extraordinary South African

Poli Poli, Barbara Masekela’s memoir, is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

Mon – 30th Aug 2021

Don’t miss a reading of Our Ghosts Were Once People, with Sisonke Msimang, Bongani Kona, Khadija Patel, Vonani Bila, Paula Akugizibwe and Madeleine Fullard (1 Sep)

Jonathan Ball Publishers and The Reading List invite you to a virtual reading of Our Ghosts Were Once People: Stories on Death and Dying, edited by Bongani Kona.

Wed – 25th Aug 2021

Nege LAPA-skrywers benoem vir die ATKV-Woordveertjies 2021!

Die finaliste vir die ATKV-Woordveertjies 2021 is pas aangekondig! Veels geluk en sterkte aan al die LAPA-skrywers.

‘The experience of grief is as unique to each of us as our fingerprints’ – Our Ghosts Were Once People, a new book edited by Bongani Kona

Our Ghosts Were Once People: Stories on Death and Dying edited by Bongani Kona is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

A Brief History of South Africa for every home and classroom in South Africa

Grab the book that will open your mind about our history and save R100 a copy until midnight, Sunday 29 August 2021!

Tue – 24th Aug 2021

Join Peter Hain for the virtual book launch of A Pretoria Boy, in conversation with Judge Dennis Davis (25 Aug)

Join Jonathan Ball Publishers for a conversation between Judge Dennis Davis and Lord Peter Hain about his new book A Pretoria Boy. 

Fri – 20th Aug 2021

Kyk wat kom uit in September! Renaldo Schwarp deel die omslag van sy LGBTIQ-memoir, Skeef

Skeef deur Renaldo Schwarp verskyn op 1 September 2021 by LAPA Uitgewers. Loer solank na die omslag van die aangrypende LGBTIQ-memoir.