[Watch] ‘We have to advocate for a change in the way the law protects them’ – Mandy Wiener introduces her new book, The Whistleblowers
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Pan Macmillan has shared a video of award-winning journalist and bestselling author Mandy Wiener introducing her new book, The Whistleblowers.

Out now online and in-store!

Whistleblowers are seldom seen as heroes. Instead, they are often viewed through a negative lens, described as troublemakers, disloyal employees, traitors, snitches and, in South Africa, as impimpis or informers. They risk denigration and scorn, not to mention dismissal from their positions and finding their careers in tatters.

Wiener’s new book shares the raw and evocative accounts of South Africa’s whistleblowers, told in their own voices and from their own perspectives.

Wiener says:

‘If we want to motivate whistleblowers to continue to hold power to account, we have to stack the cards in their favour. We have to advocate for a change in the way the law protects them …’

Watch the video:

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