Virus-Proof Your Small Business – South African business coach Douglas Kruger guides small business owners to survive Covid-19
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South African business author and coach Douglas Kruger has written Virus-Proof Your Small Business: 50 Ways to Survive the Covid-19 Crisis.

The ebook is now available from Google Play and Snapplify. The book provides proactive tactics for small business owners to survive the challenges they might face during the current crisis and in the future.

South Africans can also pre-order the print edition through the online retailers Loot and Exclusive Books.

Dorling Kindersley (DK) in the United Kingdom has acquired the English rights and will handle the distribution in English-speaking countries. DK also plans to sell foreign-language rights.

The past two decades were among the most prosperous in history, with over a billion people lifted out of extreme poverty. Then 2020 hit, and, along with it, the coronavirus pandemic. The effect on economies will be extreme.

What can small businesses do to survive the Covid-19 crisis? Kruger provides actionable answers, with a list of 50 practical ways your business can survive – and even thrive – during this time of uncertainty.

Business survival entails a simple formula. You must achieve and maintain profit over costs. There are a remarkable number of creative things you can do to stay on the right side of this equation, provided you don’t lose your head. Do these things well and you’ll be able to keep your staff employed, continue to serve your customers, grow awareness of your brand, and even come out of this difficult period positioned for growth.

Right now, owners of small businesses need every smart-cut they can find.

Virus-Proof Your Small Business provides no fewer than 50, including how to manage and safeguard your cash flow; get your head around the size of the challenge and begin thinking in productive ways; cut costs without cutting employment; use different channels to deliver the same offering; ensure that those who supply you, and those you serve, stay open too.

An absolutely essential read for any small business owner in this challenging time.

Kruger is the author of popular titles like Poverty Proof, Own Your Industry and Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? He hosts a popular daily video on YouTube called ‘From Amateur to Expert’ in which he provides tips and insights for entrepreneurs and wealth-creators. This is his ninth book with Penguin, with number 10 due for release later this year. Meet Douglas at douglaskruger.com.

Publication date for the print edition of Virus-Proof Your Small Business will be confirmed after lockdown.

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