Try this recipe for Siba’s Sticky Wings from Siba Mtongana’s new cookbook Let’s Cook: Delicious Yet Nutritious Easy Meals and Treats for Kids and Teens
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For kids, by kids … with a little help from Ms Sibalicious!

Get your free recipe for Sticky Wings from Siba Mtongana’s new cookbook Let’s Cook!

Let’s Cook is jam-packed with nutritious and delicious, easy to-do meals and snacks for any occasion, from lunchboxes, to smoothies and so much more.

Siba has taken the fuss out of the kitchen, and created recipes for mom and dad to whip up with their little ones’ help.

Step by step, Siba equips her youngest fans with the skills they need to become the next Big Thing in the kitchen.

Mom and dad, don’t worry, Siba has you covered too, because Let’s Cook has recipes created with the whole family in mind! Let’s get cooking!

This is one of my proudest easy-recipe creations as it’s always a hit with young and old, so I usually make sufficient for seconds. My latest update to this recipe includes some toasted sesame oil with the marinade. It really adds magic and takes these Sibalicious wings to the next level. If you are serving them with roast potatoes as I do, prepare them first and place on a tray and bake while the wings are baking, to save time! These are yummy, enjoy!

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