Trust You’re Well: Emails and Other Writings from a Discerning Consumer

Acutely perceptive, unequivocally funny and startlingly sincere, Hans Mackenzie Main presents a first unmissable collection of service provider correspondences and writings.

From fleeing a networking engagement to taking up residence in a lighthouse, from soft men to hard truths, Trust You’re Well covers topics both relatable and unheard of affording the world a first glimpse into the delightful inner-workings of a marvellously discontented consumer and correspondent.

Here shopping habits, driving habits, recruitment practices and social media etiquette all come in for close scrutiny: inspected from a unique perspective that stands in stark contrast to the deeply humane and compassionate replies from everyday South Africans urging their compatriot to simply get on with it.

With the heartfelt frustration of a law-abiding citizen and the keen wit of a weathered civilian, Trust You’re Well is a joyfully cathartic purge of the highest satiric order that’s bound to leave you in tears.

About the book

Hans Mackenzie Main was born in Kimberley, South Africa in 1979. He spent most of his youth in the seaside town of Jeffreys Bay where he was also schooled. After school, he studied the sciences and medicine briefly before attaining a diploma in advertising writing at a prestigious advertising school in Cape Town. From 2014 to 2019 he wrote a biweekly column for Africa’s best read, the nationally distributed Mail and Guardian, and has published several articles for the Sunday Times.

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