These Things Really Do Happen To Me! Khaya Dlanga chats to Jenny Crwys-Williams about his new book
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Jenny Crwys-Williams interviewed Khaya Dlanga on Kaya FM about his new book, These Things Really Do Happen To Me.

In These Things Really Do Happen To Me, Dlanga describes everyday experiences that have shaped his life.

‘I think anybody could read this and simply enjoy it, but I also think many people could learn from it …’

Dlanga chats to Crwys-Williams about his rural upbringing, how his mother believed boys and girls were equal, and how he once spent a whole day chasing a horse under orders from his grandfather …

Dlanga is the author of two previous books. His memoir, To Quote Myself, was shortlisted for the 2016 Sunday Times Alan Paton Prize. He was formerly at Coca-Cola South Africa, where he headed advertising and strategy, and led the company to an unprecedented haul of awards. He is currently a marketing manager at Heineken South Africa.

Listen to the interview:

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