The South African’s Guide to Global Investing – addressing the specific challenges we face when investing to secure our financial future
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The South African’s Guide to Global Investing by David Joshua is out now from Penguin Random House.

Too many South Africans are excluded from the benefits of the international marketplace.

This book aims to show you how to grow your wealth through simple, sustainable investment principles, and how to harness the fundamental drivers of global growth.

Drawing from a career providing international investment solutions to global clients, David Joshua addresses the most common and costly blind spots individual investors have, and lays out the key fundamentals everyone can learn to transform their financial future.

The South African’s Guide to Global Investing provides the tools to understand:

  • Why South Africans have a unique mindset when it comes to investing, and why what you think you know about investing might be wrong because of it.
  • The power – and necessity – of investing in global assets rather than only in South Africa.
  • How to harness global growth and generate compounding, Einstein’s ‘eighth wonder of the world’.
  • How and when you should exchange your rands for hard currency.
  • What your financial goals are, and how to invest in the best solutions to meet them.
  • How to manage yourself when managing your investments.

This book aims to bring global best practice to South African investors, addressing the specific challenges South Africans face when investing to secure their financial future.

About the author

David Joshua is a seasoned finance professional who has served offshore clients across the wealth spectrum. He has worked with multinational corporates in Monaco, presented investment solutions to billionaires in London, and pulled all-nighters with retail clients in Limpopo developing solutions tailor-made for local conditions. He is passionate about creating wealth from wealth and spreading it around to those places it is needed most.

David began his career at PwC in 2001, working in Trust. In 2007 he joined Fidelity International’s graduate programme, where he undertook roles on the Institutional, High Net Worth and Retail asset management teams, before joining HSBC Private Bank in Mayfair, London, to work with high-net-worth onshore and offshore clients as a wealth manager.

David joined Standard Bank Offshore in 2013, successfully building its institutional investment offering to global trust companies and multinational corporations. He moved to South Africa in 2016 to develop Standard Bank’s offshore distribution capabilities within the country. David is currently head of global distribution for Standard Bank’s asset manager, Melville Douglas.

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