The Oxherd Boy – an exquisitely illustrated parable that will capture the hearts of readers of all ages
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Inspired by thousands of years of Chinese thought, The Oxherd Boy is an enchanting and heart-opening illustrated fable about a young boy who explores the many ways to make meaning and find joy in the everyday.

Sometimes you can only do a small, small thing. And that can make all the difference.

In this exquisitely illustrated parable grounded in the three pillars of Chinese philosophy, a young boy, his family ox, and a rabbit living in his garden help each other navigate the daily work of love, compassion, and community. Examining the world through the lenses of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, their conversations convey tender, uplifting messages for life’s various crossroads.

As they adopt a sparrow, bathe in rivers, comfort their neighbors, and tend to their chores, the characters’ different perspectives are reflected in their conversations: the boy’s Taoist love of nature and all it entails, the ox’s Buddhist compassion for others, and the rabbit’s Confucian practice of mutual respect and care. While they don’t always agree, the friends settle on the basic truth that purpose comes from simply engaging with life – and with each other.

Painted in a contemporary gongbi style, one of the oldest continuous art forms in the world, the atmospheric illustrations from Taiwanese American artist Regina Linke conjure a timeless, mystical land where the friends have made their home. The potent combination of magnificent art and gentle revelations will capture the hearts of readers, whatever their age.

About the author

Regina Linke is a Taiwanese American artist specialising in Chinese gongbi-style painting, an ancient form of brush painting that depicts narrative subjects in colorful high detail. She enjoys writing and illustrating stories that celebrate East Asian folklore and philosophy in a modern way, and is set to release the first Oxherd Boy picture book in 2025.

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