The Lazy Person’s Guide to Exercise – 40 simple exercises you can sneakily squeeze in while in bed, at your desk, or watching TV
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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Exercise: Over 40 Toning Flexercises to Do From Your Bed, Couch or While You Wait by Susan Elizabeth Clark is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

Many of us are guilty of choosing to binge-watch TV after a stressful day at work rather than hitting the gym to exercise – but what if you could do both at the same time?

Self-help expert and stretching guru Clark has devised over 40 simple exercises you can sneakily squeeze in while in bed, at your desk, commuting, watching TV, in the bath and more.

Stretching is the ultimate low-intensity exercise, with science-backed benefits including improved flexibility, toned muscles and a stronger core – and it might even increase your life expectancy. You don’t need any special equipment, and just 10 minutes of ‘flexercise’ each day will benefit your health.

Featuring charming illustrations of each stretch, as well as a bonus chapter on how to meditate to stretch your mind, this book is the perfect way to get back into fitness without even leaving your house.

Clark is a self-help writer who specialises in shining a light on those topics that can help people overcome their challenges to live their best lives. She does not shy away from the thornier difficulties we may face as we navigate through life. Clark lives in West Yorkshire with her kelpie dog.

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