Small Changes for Big Results – how to improve your finances one step at a time!
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Small Changes for Big Results – Warren Ingram and Marc Rogatschnig have joined up to create a powerful self help book that shows you with small changes can bring big results.

Out in April from Penguin Random House SA!

Sustainable change does not occur in one giant leap.

We all make plans, set goals and enthusiastically imagine a better future. Unfortunately, most people never achieve their goals, whether they be personal or financial. Just like health goals, wealth goals have a material impact on people’s lives.

There is no shortage of good advice, personal finance books and well-worn practices, so the question is: Why can’t people change?

We know what to do, but then inexplicably don’t seem to do it. What keeps tripping us up? Many of our money troubles are caused by behavioural traps that keep us locked in a cycle.

For some people, this means underspending, even though they have enough money. For others, it is the habit of overspending, even when it causes emotional and financial harm to loved ones. Both of these are deep-seated emotional drivers that can make people feel trapped in a vicious cycle.

Small Changes for Big Results provides clear, actionable steps that anyone can follow to take control of their finances and free themselves from these traps. The book contains real-life case studies of people who overcame financial difficulties and highlights the small steps they took to change the course of their lives.

No matter what your income level or financial background, this book is tailored to help everyone. Lasting change begins with small, consistent actions, and this book equips you with the tools and knowledge to make these incremental changes that will yield big results over time.

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