Recipes loved by makers and tasters alike! Set a Table by Karen Dudley

Set a Table, Karen Dudley’s third book, is due for release from Jacana Media in early November 2018.

Karen’s newest offering follows in the footsteps of her groundbreaking and much-loved Week in The Kitchen books.

The recipes are carefully selected to showcase exceptional flavour, but are easily achievable at home. Many of the recipes are well-loved signature dishes from The Dining Room that have been developed for home cooks to share. The Duck Salad with Cashews or the Seared Salmon Sashimi with Vietnamese Caramel are as triumphant as the Asparagus Avgolemono and the Indian-Spiced Cauliflower with Coconut Coriander Relish. These are recipes that are loved by makers and tasters alike.

In addition to the splendid recipes, Karen considers the importance of inviting people into your home to eat around your table. The photographs are rich and beautiful, shot by the extraordinarily talented Claire Gunn, who manages to convey the intimacy and sumptuousness of actual dinner parties thrown by Karen in her home and at her restaurants, The Kitchen and The Dining Room.

This is a beautiful book which will draw people in with its visual allure, win their hearts with Karen’s entertaining and insightful observations and have people buying extra copies to share with their friends for its irresistible originality.

‘As the host, some honour is accorded to you. It is acknowledged that you have gone to some trouble and thought to orchestrate an occasion. This is why, when you begin (or revive) entertaining in your home, you understand that it is something of a rite of passage. For young entertainers it’s quite a grown-up business, and for more seasoned entertainers, there is the realisation that you are expanding and embracing your social circle. There is an old-fashioned sense of service in keeping relationships and the social fabric strong.’

About the author

Karen Dudley has lived and honed her culinary skills in Washington DC and in London, but now lives in Woodstock, Cape Town, down the road from The Kitchen, with her husband and two children. Karen’s previous books, A Week in The Kitchen and Another Week in The Kitchen, have collectively sold over 30 000 copies.

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