New Douglas Kruger book alert! Poverty Proof for Entrepreneurs: 50 Ways to Dodge the Pitfalls and Build Wealth
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Poverty Proof for Entrepreneurs: 50 Ways to Dodge the Pitfalls and Build Wealth by Douglas Kruger is out now from Penguin Random House SA.

About the book

We face two important questions. The first pertains to who gets rich and what it is that they do. We need to understand that. The second is a matter of who stays poor and why they remain so. We need to understand that as well, in order to avoid it. We are going to discuss these questions, and the answers will change the way you think, live and structure your business.

Entrepreneurship is a high-stakes game. Get it right, and you become a self-made millionaire. Get it wrong, and you could lose everything. Douglas Kruger, author of eight business and personal finance books, returns with a follow-up to the bestselling Poverty Proof. This time round, the focus is squarely on what makes or breaks a new business, and how you, as an entrepreneur, can get ahead of the curve.

Could your idea change your financial reality? There’s every reason to believe that it could. Most millionaires and billionaires alive today are first-generation business owners. But too many entrepreneurs make simple mistakes when they start out that get in the way of accruing wealth.

This book is your road map to avoiding the pitfalls, finding the ‘smart-cuts’, and ensuring that all your efforts amount to an empire rather than financial ruin.

About the author

Douglas Kruger is an international speaker, and the author of eight business books with Penguin, including bestselling titles like Own Your Industry: How to Position Yourself as an Expert and Poverty Proof: 50 Ways to Train Your Brain for Wealth.

In honour of excellence in his craft, Kruger has been inducted into the ‘Speakers Hall of Fame’. He also hosts a popular daily YouTube show, called ‘From Amateur to Expert’.

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