Lifestyle choices and easy, delicious and nourishing recipes – The Mandala Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Heal and Restore Your Gut

The Mandala Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Heal and Restore Your Gut by Marlien Wright is out now from Jacana Media.

The topic of gut health is often discussed in the media, various books have been published on the subject, and there is ongoing scientific research on how our gut health can be linked to our overall good health (and on the flip side; many diseases).

The Mandala Kitchen sheds light on which foods and lifestyle choices can either promote or damage your gut health, and offers a collection of easy, delicious and nourishing recipes to heal your gut and as a result strengthen your immune system, improve your mood and assist in weight loss – all the recipes have been designed to be time saving as well as family friendly.

Extras include:

  • A Gentle Start – meal suggestions to start healing your gut
  • Lunchbox ideas and recipes for on-the-go gut health
  • Gut healing recipes for children – child-friendly meals that have been fool-proofed with the author’s children
  • Simple fermenting/culturing recipes
  • A selection of fabulous recipes from The Good Gut, and a few of the author’s favourites from Wellness (Warehouse) Café, Spirit Café and Marrow for gut-healthy food choices on the go.

About the author

Marlien Wright is a food blogger, nutritional therapist, yogi and mom. She enjoys eating whole foods and creating healthy #foodporn. She believes that being healthy is sexy and that our food choices can either heal or harm us. For more healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes look up her first cookbook, The Yoga Kitchen: 100 Easy Superfood Recipes.

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