‘I think we can make reading cool again’ – Clinton Chauke chats about the success of his debut book Born in Chains
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In the latest edition of Africa’s Lit, young author Clinton Chauke discusses the reception his debut book Born in Chains: The Diary of an Angry ‘Born-Free’ has received.

In his book, Chauke speaks to the ever-increasing disillusionment of the ‘born-free’ generation. He vehemently denounces the notion of being labelled ‘born-free’ when his physical reality constantly put him face to face with abject poverty.

Chauke says reading is the key to success.

‘I think we can make reading cool again,’ Chauke says. ‘The world of reading now has moved to digital, so I think it’s going in a good direction.’

Chauke believes more young people should log out of their social media accounts and pick up a book.

‘I don’t think social media is useful – although I need it to sell my books!’ he says. ‘But we need people to read to be well-informed, because when people are well-informed they tend to do wonderful things.

‘Every great person, who has ever discovered something, or become a musician or president or whatever, they were readers. In reading, you can create. So if young people can get to reading they can find their potential and they can make this world a better place.’

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