Footnotes, February 2021: Book links from around the web

At The Reading List, we’re trainspotters when it comes to interesting book links, and here are a number that caught our eye.

  • The Capote Tapes, a documentary, is out, and centres on the writer’s unfinished novel, Answered Prayers – along with the scandals it ignited. Info here, and actual documentary here.
  • Nomavenda Mathiane‘s novel Eyes in the Night has been out for a while, but is finally getting some airtime. It tells the story of the Battle of Isandlwana from the perspective of the Zulus. Watch this BBC interview with the author.
  • Some fellow who plays gridiron called Tom Brady won some match called the Super Bowl. This was notable because it was the seventh time he’d done such a thing – quite the feat, apparently. Anyhoo, here’s what he reads for inspo.

  • The first big fantasy book of the year has landed – in America, that is. It was in New Zealand a year ago already.
  • Well, that was an interesting mix-up about something James Baldwin never said.
  • A writer called Stephen Langtry has been composing fascinating threads about “Coloured” South Africans, including the artist and author Peter Clarke. He calls these threads #AColouredTapestry. They’re fascinating – read them.
  • Ever heard of Bette Howland? Why haven’t we? We should have.
  • ‘147 pages of emptiness, 19.50 lost euros,’ wrote a crusty French book critic of an influencer’s self-help guide, Toujours Plus. To which the only riposte is: je lui dois de l’argent ou quoi??
  • Ja, eat the rich.

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