Footnotes, December 2019: Book links from around the web

At The Reading List, we’re trainspotters when it comes to interesting book links, and here are a number that caught our eye over the last 30 days. Browse and enjoy!

  • One of our favourite book reviewers is Percy Zvomuya – indeed, he’s one of our favourite writers, full stop. Catch his new piece on Gaongalelwe Tiro’s harrowing work, Parcel of Death: the Biography Onkgopotse Abram Tiro, in the Mail & Guardian.
  • Hey, speaking of reviews, here’s one by Marianne Thamm on Bryan Rostron’s Robert McBride: The Struggle Continues, and another by Ashwin Desai on Ronnie Kasrils latest memoir, Catching Tadpoles: The Shaping of a Young Rebel.
  • Someone out there thinks Albert Camus (and Michel Gallimard, for that matter) was assassinated by the KGB. Wouldn’t put it past ’em.
  • On plagiarism and other academic crimes: is it wrong? asks Agnes Callard.
  • Whoa – someone has found an old TV version of Wuthering Heights – with Rosemary Harris and Richard Burton, no less.
  • Another review! Francesca Giacco on Marie NDiaye’s new novel, The Cheffe
  • Here’s an excerpt from Walter Kempowski’s Homeland, translated from the German by Charlotte Collins.
  • Finally, although it didn’t win the Booker Prize, for which it was shortlisted, everyone continues to rave about Lucy Ellmann’s novel, Ducks, Newberryport at the kind of high volume that we haven’t seen, say, since the last Hilary Mantel book or some such. This tweet is representative. See what we mean?

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