Find out more about The Secret – the gripping new Jack Reacher thriller from Lee Child and Andrew Child
 More about the book!

Jack Reacher returns in The Secret – another high-octane rollercoaster ride of a novel from Lee Child and Andrew Child.

In The Secret, the US government call the lone wolf in to investigate a spate of strange, seemingly unconnected deaths across the country.

About the book

A string of mysterious deaths. A long-classified mission. A young MP with nothing to lose.

1992. Two strangers bring a hospital patient a list of names. They ask him for one more, but it’s a question the patient can’t answer. Minutes later he is dispatched through the 12th floor window.

His death generates some unexpected attention. That attention comes from the Secretary of Defence, who brings in an inter-agency task force to investigate. Jack Reacher, recently demoted from Major to Captain, is assigned as the Army’s representative.

Reacher may be an exceptional soldier, but sweeping other people’s secrets under the carpet isn’t part of his skill set. As he races to find the killer, he must navigate around the ulterior motives of his new ‘partners’. And all while moving into the sight line of some of the most dangerous people he has ever encountered.

His mission is to uncover the truth. Fast. The question is: will Reacher bring the bad guys to justice the official way … or his way?

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