Back to the Front – celebrating Leon Levy’s journey from immigrant roots to union leadership
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Back to the Front reveals the life of Leon Levy, a significant figure in South Africa’s trade union movement.

It chronicles his journey from immigrant beginnings to his role as a full-time commissioner for the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration.

The narrative introduces his family, his early experiences, and his pivotal entry into political activism, ultimately leading to his lifelong dedication to trade unions and mediation.

Back to the Front delves into Levy’s personal and professional challenges, questioning the impact of struggle heroes’ efforts. It highlights his instrumental role in forming the first non-racial trade union federation, SACTU, and his leadership as its president.

The memoir offers unique insights into the history of South Africa’s trade unions and adds a human touch to one of its key figures.

Out now from Jacana Media.

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