‘A breathtaking ride’ – Gus Silber blown away by Nechama Brodie’s Knucklebone

Nechama Brodie’s new novel, Knucklebone – out now from Pan Macmillan SA – comes highly recommended.

Gus Silber, an award-winning journalist, editor and author, shared his review on Facebook, after reading only three chapters:

​I’ve just started reading Knucklebone, by Nechama Brodie, writing as NR Brodie.

It’s a wrenching, palpitating crime thriller set in the city Nechama knows better than almost anybody else – Joburg.

Right from the opening page, Nechama plunges the reader into the grit and guts of the city – her writing is pacy, elemental, driven by a palpable sense of dread and an obsessive eye for the telling detail.

But she captures the heart of Joburg too, in the way she etches out the relationships between the seasoned professionals in the gruelling frontline of crime. It’s hardcore, but with heart. Heartcore.

I’m only three chapters in, and it’s a breathtaking ride. I have no sense of where it’s going yet, but the first shots have been fired, the first blood has been spilled, and it’s beckoning me on, into the darkness, with the grip of a knuckle that will soon be cut to the bone.

It’s Nechama’s first work of fiction, published by Pan MacMillan, and it’s on the shelves now, with the ebook to follow in February.

The novel is available to download from Amazon and Kobo!


​I've just started reading Knucklebone, by Nechama Brodie, writing as NR Brodie. It's a wrenching, palpitating crime…

Posted by Gus Silber on Monday, January 29, 2018

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