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On my mind: Neglecting your will can be a costly mistake

Many avoid discussing wills due to fear or discomfort, but intestacy can lead to assets being distributed against the deceased’s wishes.

Explore the enchanting world of elusive Fynbos creatures with Field Guide to Fynbos Fauna

Cliff and Suretha Dorse, dedicated conservation biologists, share their two-decade exploration of the Fynbos Biome in their book, Field Guide to Fynbos Fauna.

‘Great fiction, of any type, is always about mystery and surprise’ – In conversation with Jonathan Kellerman

It’s Jonathan Kellerman’s curiosity that drives the exploration of human behaviour in his novels.

To shock and surprise – Alex Michaelides chats about his gripping new psychological thriller The Fury

Lauren Mc Diarmid chatted to Alex Michaelides about how he goes about crafting these twists and turns, and the creative process behind his new thriller, The Fury.

Frances White on her new novel, Voyage of the Damned – a murder mystery on a ship full of magical passengers

Author Frances White discusses her mind-blowing novel, Voyage of the Damned, what inspired the book, the setting and her irresistible lead character.

Romance gives us a blueprint of what we should expect from relationships – Amy Lea chats about her new book, The Catch

Amy Lea is known for her bestselling rom-coms, and her new novel, The Catch, the third in her Influencer series, is positively swoonworthy.

Crawling marvels and winged wonders – the making of Southern African Moths and their Caterpillars

Hermann Staude, Mike Picker and Charles Griffiths describe the craftsmanship involved in creating their guide Southern African Moths and their Caterpillars.

Why politics matters to prosperity – Greg Mills examines why some countries succeed while others fail in Rich State, Poor State

Africans are half as wealthy today compared to their global peers than they were at independence. There is a persistent default to economic crisis, and the appetite to carry out reforms never matches the rhetoric, says Dr Greg Mills. The reason Africa fails is … politics.

Five minutes with Lauren Beukes on her new novel Bridge

Bursting with humour, action and reality-bending experiences, Bridge is Lauren Beukes at her finest.

Trouble in paradise – Sara Ochs on writing her debut novel, The Dive

Sara Ochs’s The Dive is an unputdownable thriller about the dark side of paradise.

Dianne Stewart on how to journal your way to a novel

Journaling is an accessible way for writers to hone their craft and keep track of details while writing a book, says Dianne Stewart, author and recipient of SA Children’s Laureate Award for her lifelong contribution to children’s literature.

‘Regret belongs to the past’ – Mikki Brammer on the ideas behind her novel The Collected Regrets of Clover

Mikki Brammer’s The Collected Regrets of Clover is a big-hearted and life-affirming debut about a death doula who, in caring for others at the end of their life, has forgotten how to live her own.

Finding inspiration in the ancient world – Conn Iggulden on writing his bestselling historical fiction

Stories and myths from the ancient world have transcended millennia, and it’s from these that author Conn Iggulden draws inspiration for his bestselling historical fiction.

An arachnophile’s journey: A career spinning webs of spider expertise

Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman, author of Field Guide to Spiders of South Africa, is one of the foremost experts on African spiders.

Mastering the art of trading with Robert J van Eyden, author of Badass Trader

Robert J van Eyden, CEO of financial institution IG South Africa and author of Badass Trader, explores the intricacies of trading.

‘Most families are bound not just by blood but by secrets’ – Abraham Verghese on his masterful new novel The Covenant of Water

From Abraham Verghese, author of the bestselling novel Cutting for Stone, comes a stunning and magisterial new epic of love, faith and …

Shari Lapena chats about her unputdownable new thriller Everyone Here is Lying

Author Shari Lapena chats to The Penguin Post about her thrilling new novel, Everyone Here is Lying, and what draws her to writing about domestic bliss gone wrong.

‘I’ve been betrayed by people a few times, and it hurts’ – In conversation with Lesley Pearse on her new novel, Betrayal

Lesley Pearse worked her way through a number of jobs, including nanny, bunny girl, dressmaker and full-time mother before, at the age of 49, she became a published writer.

Five Minutes with Douglas Kruger on his new psychological thriller Character Scan

Read an interview with Douglas Kruger on his new novel Character Scan!

At my desk – Jane van der Riet on whiteness, shame and her debut novel How to Hide Inside a Three

Jane van der Riet on Leigh-Anne, ‘a nice white racist’ – and the main character in How to Hide Inside a Three.