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‘I’m in awe of this crazy and expensive collaboration’ – Sally Andrew reflects on the forthcoming Tannie Maria TV series

A Tannie Maria TV series is in development by Both Worlds Pictures. Author, Sally Andrew explores the differences between film creation and novel writing, and the importance of letting go.

‘We are constantly searching for a way to be happy, but we seldom look within ourselves’ – an interview with James Norbury, the author of Big Panda and Tiny Dragon

A guiding light in dark times, Big Panda and Tiny Dragon is the beautifully illustrated and mindful journey of two friends through the seasons. Author James Norbury chatted to Lauren McDiarmid about empowering ideas, his favourite response to the book and how he takes his tea.

A story of survival – Richard Peirce investigates the sudden disappearance of great white sharks from Gansbaai in his book Orca

Its flourish of great whites is Gansbaai’s claim to fame, and a large part of its success, so when its shiver of sharks started to disappear, the small Western Cape town faced a conundrum. Shark conservationist and author of Orca, Richard Peirce, investigated the sudden retreat.

Paula Hawkins on how curiosity and her early life in Zimbabwe inform her bestselling novels

Paula Hawkins is the bestselling author of The Girl on the Train, and her latest novel, A Slow Fire Burning, is yet another unputdownable thriller. She chats to Lauren Mc Diarmid about curiosity, writing women’s stories and the psychology behind people who do terrible things.

Digging for the Blues – Fred de Vries on the genesis of his book Blues for the White Man

There is a much deeper context that begs for digging up if we’re to fully understand the impact of music, writes Blues for the White Man author Fred de Vries.

‘Famo was the music I grew up listening to’ – Zakes Mda chats about his new novel Wayfarers’ Hymns

Zakes Mda’s new book, Wayfarers’ Hymns, is set in the fascinating world of famo music. He chatted to Lauren Mc Diarmid about the novel, his years living in Lesotho and stories that demand to be told.

‘South Africa’s history neither begins nor ends with apartheid’ – Thula Simpson on his new book History of South Africa

History shows an optimistic pattern to how South Africans overcome challenges similar in scale and difficulty, says Thula Simpson, associate professor at the University of Pretoria and author of History of South Africa.

Chanette Paul skryf oor die opwinding, chroniese kommer en permanente paniek van skryf in The Penguin Post

Om te begin skryf aan iets nuut is soos om alleen in ’n ouditorium te sit, sê Chanette Paul.

Om te skryf: Op ’n mooi dag-outeur Irna van Zyl vertel van die vrees wat haar soms onderkry

Iemand stuur die anderdag vir haar ‘n strokiesprent van ‘n beertjie wat aan ‘n ballon hang, skryf Irna van Zyl in die September-uitgawe van The Penguin Post. Lees die storie hier.

Celebrating the LGBTIQ+ people whose stories freed us – Skeef author Renaldo Schwarp writes what’s on his mind

Retelling our story on our own terms enables us to develop a greater awareness about our identity and those of others, says media personality and Skeef author Renaldo Schwarp.

So hekel jy ’n snoesige seshoekdeken vir die winter: Kry jou gratis patroon in die Julie-uitgawe van The Penguin Post

In die Julie-uitgawe van The Penguin Post wys Christa Swanepoel lesers hoe om ’n seshoekdeken te hekel. Kry jou gratis patroon vandag nog!

Een minuut met Gerhard Greyvensteyn: Lees ’n eksklusiewe onderhoud oor Die Seepunt-insident in The Penguin Post

Die Seepunt-insident deur Gerhard Greyvensteyn is nou beskikbaar! Lees ’n eksklusiewe onderhoud in The Penguin Post.

‘Vroue se rol het verander, ja. Ons is beslis nie meer slagoffers nie’: Gerda Taljaard gesels oor haar roman, Vier Susters

Lees ‘n onderhoud met Gerda Taljaard oor haar jongste roman, Vier Susters, in The Penguin Post.

Probeer Armand Aucamp se resepte vir Keto-kraakbeskuitjies, Murgpampoentjie-rösti’s en Wortelkoek-fudge

In die April-uitgawe van The Penguin Post deel Armand Aucamp sy resepte vir Keto-kraakbeskuitjies, Murgpampoentjie-rösti’s en Wortelkoek-fudge uit Armand Kook Kaal Volume 2.

Een minuut met SJ Naudé: Lees The Penguin Post vir ‘n eksklusiewe onderhoud met die Dol Heuning-outeur

Die jongste uitgawe van The Penguin Post het pas geland! Slaan dit oop na bladsy 3 en lees ’n eksklusiewe onderhoud met SJ Naudé.

‘Most of my books start with a “… what if?”‘ Read an exclusive interview with CJ Tudor in the latest issue of The Penguin Post

CJ Tudor, author of the brand new thriller The Burning Girls, is featured in this month’s edition of The Penguin Post!

Read an interview with Barack Obama and win a copy of his memoir A Promised Land in the latest issue of The Penguin Post – the magazine about books for book lovers

In the new issue of The Penguin Post – the magazine from Penguin Random House – former United States president Barack Obama shares his thoughts on how a democracy should work, balancing the roles of president and family man, and the message he hopes to convey with his memoir, A Promised Land.

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