Terry-Ann Adams

A bold new voice, a bold new novel – Terry-Ann Adams writes an ode to Eldorado Park

Jacana Media is proud to announce the release of the effervescent and bold, truth-telling and door-opening Those Who Live in Cages by Terry-Ann Adams.

Everyday, Spectacular and Commonplace – don’t miss the launch of Terry-Ann Adams’s debut novel Those Who Live in Cages (29 Oct)

Jacana Media invite you to the virtual book launch of Those Who Live in Cages, the debut novel by Terry-Ann Adams.

Don’t miss this Jacana Conversation: The Politics of Policing Marginalised Communities (28 Sep)

You are invited to a Jacana Media Conversation titled The Politics of Policing Marginalised Communities, addressing the death of Nathaniel Julies and distrust in the South African Police Service.

Listen to an excerpt from Those Who Live In Cages, read by the author Terry-Ann Adams

Those Who Live In Cages by Terry-Ann Adams is out in a few days from Jacana Media!