‘You must buy it – gift it to yourself, or put it in a Christmas stocking’ – Eusebius McKaiser chats to Ronnie Kasrils about his new memoir Catching Tadpoles
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Last month, Ronnie Kasrils visited Eusebius McKaiser in the 702 studio to chat about his latest memoir, Catching Tadpoles: The Shaping of a Young Rebel.

In the book, Kasrils details his childhood, growing up in predominantly white suburbs, and the beginnings of his political identity.

McKaiser says the book is ‘brilliant’:

‘It is beautifully written, you must buy it – gift it to yourself, or put it in a Christmas stocking.

‘The cool thing about this book, in terms of its multiple achievements, is that you can pick the reason why you want to buy it.

‘Number one, because Ronnie is an amazing South African and human being, and learning about his early life is really important, a part of the political biography of one of the many men and women in our country that have played an incredibly important role in helping us to fight colonialism and apartheid. That alone is reason enough to buy it.

‘But even if you don’t care about him, or you don’t like him or his politics, the book is just beautifully written from an aesthetics point of view. If you like beautiful writing, that is a good enough reason to buy it.’

Listen to the conversation:

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