‘Writing as a craft is important to me’ – Sisonke Msimang chats to Eusebius McKaiser about Always Another Country
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Eusebius McKaiser spoke to Sisonke Msimang about her first book, Always Another Country, on his 702 radio show.

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McKaiser praised Msimang’s analytic brain and her lyricism.

‘You were very careful, and you got it right in this book, to write beautifully, aesthetically, sentences that you want to drape around you,’ he says, ‘but at the same time this was not meant to be some melancholic description of dystopia.’

‘I wanted the book to be accessible,’ Msimang says, ‘and I wanted the book to also challenge me as a writer, so the idea of writing as a craft has become more and more important to me over the past few years. That was a big test for myself. But I wanted to be conscious that I had an audience, that people would be reading it, and I wanted them – not to enjoy the prose but to think, because ultimately politics is very important to me.’

What follows is a fascinating discussion about race, class, racism and the future.

Listen to the podcast:

Image: Eusebius McKaiser on Facebook

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