Write your book with Mike Nicol’s new online creative writing course

Acclaimed writer Mike Nicol has launched a creative writing course!

Nicol has written novels, works of non-fiction and poetry. His thrillers are published in the UK and the USA, and have been translated into Afrikaans, Dutch, French and German. His Revenge Trilogy featured in the KrimiZeit top 10 list in Germany, as did Of Cops and Robbers and Power Play, while Payback was shortlisted for the VN Thriller of the Year award in Holland and the Prix SCNF Du Polar 2016 in France. He lives in Cape Town. Nicol’s 21st book, Sleeper, was published in 2018. Read an excerpt here.

Nicol says:

After years of teaching creative writing online, I’ve decided to launch my own 10-week course. You’ll get comprehensive notes, a chat room, videos, extra reading, assignments. The whole kit and caboodle toolbox.

Writing Fiction is a 10-module course. During the course you will learn about suspense and tension and how to create that page-turning plot, whether your interest is crime, literary, romance or speculative fiction. The course will also help you improve your writing style and skills. The cost of the course is R10,200.

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