Virtual event: Exclusive Books at 70 with growth expert Pavlo Phitidis – what about the next 70 years?
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Pavlo Phitidis, business growth specialist and author of the bestselling Sweat Scale $ell and Reset Rebuild Reignite, will host an event commemorating Exclusive Books’s 70th birthday this year.

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Date: 27 January 2020
Time: 18h00 to 19h30
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Sweat Scale $ell outlines how to build a business into an asset rather than an income stream, and last year’s Reset Rebuild Reignite unpacks how to build a business to thrive in a crisis.

Phitidis is a business owner (many times over), who has over 25 years designing and building businesses to accelerate growth and increase value. He is also an outspoken advocate for private business and SMEs in South Africa and across the globe and has worked with over 2500 business across three continents.

From Exclusive Books:

Exclusive Books turns 70 this year, and in the last 70 years our stores have come to mean so much more to South Africans than just a place to buy books. Exclusive Books has been home to engagement proposals, intimate dates, job interviews, career-changing business meetings and even an overnight stay (it was a passionate booklover’s ultimate wish to sleep in a bookstore for her birthday – so we made it happen!)

These rich experiences, and hundreds of others, come from a place that smells like coffee, paper and ink; that buzzes outside and has quiet nooks and corners to escape the world inside; where staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and interesting people gather.

But Covid-19 has put on hold many of those very personal in-store experiences.

How do we capture the joy of those special Exclusive Books moments online?

Phitidis has spent countless hours in the last 9 months pondering, exploring and refining strategies to bring the texture and connection of in-person experiences, on digital.

Join Phitidis for a lively discussion of your favourite Exclusive Books stories, and your ideas and opinions on what would replicate those moments in a digital space.

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