Video: Peter Hain’s The Rhino Conspiracy tells a tale of brave activists who expose state-sponsored corruption and poaching in SA
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Peter Hain’s new novel The Rhino Conspiracy is an epic tale of corruption, collusion and courage set in contemporary South Africa.

In this short video, Peter shares what The Rhino Conspiracy is all about.

‘My new thriller The Rhino Conspiracy … tells the story of rhino poaching organised by global criminal syndicates backed up by corrupt politicians that poach rhinos by the thousands and risk their extinction,’ he says.

‘There are brave activists in the thriller who try to combat and expose this, including the corruption right at the top of the South African government.’

Watch the video:

Rhino Conspiracy.mp4

Peter Hain tells us about his new thriller THE RHINO CONSPIRACY. Get your copy now: http://ow.ly/shnl50BtuLH

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