Vegan With Bite – everything you wouldn’t expect of a book presenting winning meals on a shoestring
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Vegan With Bite: Because Taste Matters by Shannon Martinez is out now from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

In Vegan With Bite, Australia’s number one vegan chef, Shannon Martinez, presents more than 80 thoughtful but easy meals (complete with shopping tips and cheffy hacks) that are guaranteed to take the meal beyond the meat-and-dairy-free predictable.

It is all part of Martinez’s mission to show readers that generous, delicious and environmentally sustainable food is entirely achievable – regardless of budget.

Alongside her recipes, Martinez shares her essential kitchen larder, a did-you-know guide to ingredients that are not actually vegan (but that many cooks think are, and vice versa), plus advice on leftovers and cutting back on waste. There’s also a chapter on dips, condiments and sauces described by Martinez as the essential glue that brings her meals together.

About the author

Shannon Martinez has cooked since she can remember and due to the influence of her Spanish paternal family and her outside the square, innovative talents she’s contributed to kitchens across Melbourne over the past nearly 20 years. Martinez eats meat, but has perfected her vegetarian – and latterly – vegan repertoire saying this is what makes her food so good; she tries to replicate the tastes and textures of meat, rather than putting out bland, predictable, vegan food.

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