‘Tsafendas was a perfectly sane man who considered Verwoerd the brains behind apartheid’ – Harris Dousemetzis on his book The Man Who Killed Apartheid
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Harris Dousemetzis was on CNBC Africa to discuss his book The Man Who Killed Apartheid: The Life of Dimitri Tsafendas.

The book reveals the extent of the cover-up by South African authorities and the desperate lengths they went to conceal the existence of Tsafendas’s opposition to apartheid.

The Man Who Killed Apartheid exposes one of the great lies in South African history, that Verwoerd was murdered by a madman. It also offers for the first time a complete biography of this extraordinary man.

‘I felt that a major injustice has taken place in portraying Tsafendas as an insane mane who killed Verwoerd because of a tapeworm,’ Dousemetzis says.

‘I felt that the historical record should change and reveal the truth about Tsafendas, who was a perfectly sane man.

‘He killed Verwoerd because of his opposition to apartheid and because he believed that by killing him, sooner or later, apartheid would collapse, because he considered Verwoerd to be the brains behind apartheid.’

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