Try these Happiness Hacks from Noa Belling, the author of The Happiness Workout: Learn How To Optimise Confidence, Creativity And Your Brain!

What if you could practice, and access, happiness at any time?

When were you last truly happy? How did ‘happy’ feel? Some people find that being happy is a natural state of being, but for others it’s a constant struggle to find contentment with all of life’s stresses and upheavals.

Bestselling author and psychologist Noa Belling has designed a variety of ‘happiness workouts’ to help you do just that.

Based on scientific studies of biochemistry and neuroscience, this book teaches you how to cultivate happiness by honing certain physical skills such as strength, flexibility, fluidity, grounding and warm-heartedness. Deeply rooted within your body, these skills foster resilience, confidence and creativity to help you meet life’s challenges skilfully.

A happiness workout is made up of everyday quick practices, complemented by physical exercise programs that are designed to be accessible no matter your age or level of fitness.

Try these Happiness Hacks for refreshing you energy, releasing tension, and boosting confidence:




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