This year’s must-read psychological thriller – Devotion by Madeline Stevens
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Madeline Stevens’s Devotion – a captivating debut novel about a woman who falls into an overwhelming mutual obsession with the Upper East Side mother who hires her as a nanny.

Desire. Deception. Destruction. Devotion.

Ella is 26, lonely, hungry and far from home. Lonnie is also 26, but rich, talented and beautiful – with a husband and son to match.

Their fates intertwine the day Ella is hired as the family’s nanny. She finds herself mesmerised by Lonnie’s girlish affection and disregard for the normal boundaries of friendship and marriage, but soon resentment grows too.

Crackling with sensuality and suspense, Devotion is a dizzying thriller in which roles are confused and reversed and nothing is ever quite as it seems.

About the author

Madeline Stevens is a writer from Boring, Oregon currently based in Los Angeles. Her first novel, Devotion, is also forthcoming in France, Italy, Portugal and China. Madeline holds an MFA from Columbia University and her work has been published in a variety of literary magazines. She teaches creative writing to adults and children through Catapult and Writopia Lab.

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