The City of Tears – a breathtaking novel of revenge, persecution and loss by bestselling author Kate Mosse

The City of Tears by Kate Mosse is out from Pan Macmillan SA in January 2020!

Following on from the Sunday Times number-one bestseller The Burning Chambers, Kate Mosse’s The City of Tears is the second thrilling historical epic in The Burning Chambers series featuring the Joubert family, who will eventually make their home in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley.

June 1572: for 10, violent years the Wars of Religion have raged across France. Neighbours have become enemies, countless lives have been lost, and the country has been torn apart over matters of religion, citizenship and sovereignty. But now a precarious peace is in the balance: a royal wedding has been negotiated forming an alliance between the Catholic Crown and the Huguenot king of Navarre.

It is a marriage that could see France reunited at last. Meanwhile in Puivert, an invitation has arrived for Minou Joubert and her family to attend this historic wedding in Paris. But what Minou does not know is that the Joubert family’s oldest enemy, Vidal, will also be there. Nor that, within days of the marriage, Minou’s family will be scattered to the four winds and one of her beloved children will have disappeared without trace.

A novel of revenge, persecution and loss, sweeping from Paris and Chartres to the City of Tears itself – the great refugee city of Amsterdam – this is a story of one family’s fight to stay together, to survive and to find each other, against the devastating tides of history.

About the author

Kate Mosse is a number-one international bestselling novelist, playwright and non-fiction writer. The author of several novels and short story collections – including the multimillion-selling Languedoc Trilogy (Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel). Her books have been translated into 37 languages and published in more than 40 countries. She is the Founder Director of the Women’s Prize for Fiction.

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