The Business Builder’s Toolkit: A Practical Handbook for Business Leaders by Nic Haralambous – pre-order now!

Press release:

Maverick451, the book publishing division of Daily Maverick, are delighted to announce that the pre-sales are now open for their next title The Business Builder’s Toolkit: A Practical Handbook for Business Leaders by Nic Haralambous.

Haralambous began publishing Daily Maverick’s SME Toolkit newsletter in 2020 in response to the devastating effect of the pandemic on small and medium enterprises. This hugely popular weekly newsletter is filled with sage advice, practical tips and valuable guidance for anyone working in business and attempting to navigate the one certainty: uncertainty.

It became clear that this newsletter and the advice within it had a bigger audience and so we’ve collated the very best of the past two years and created The Business Builder’s Toolkit: A Practical Handbook for Business Leaders.

With his no-BS approach, Haralambous’ insights debunk commonly-held business myths and offer practical advice on how to overcome the inevitable hurdles facing leaders in the workplace.

The The Business Builder’s Toolkit is not just about the knowledge of business fundamentals but a step by step guide of how to implement them. This is the business guru in your pocket; the mentor you wish you had and the handbook that you will refer to again and again.

Including topics like:

  • Busting business jargon and exposing business lies
  • How to increase sales
  • HR basics for when you can’t afford HR yet
  • Customer retention tactics and community building
  • Mental health management strategies
  • Efficient and effective marketing tactics

‘Hopefully, this book will be your guide when you don’t have one, your mentor when you can’t find one, your adviser when they aren’t around and your co-founder if you’re building alone. Pick it up when you are struggling with your company culture, use it when you need another perspective on your sales tactics or social media content, peruse it when your team is driving you mad, or simply read it cover to cover to spark a change in your business or life.’ – Nic Haralambous

Pre-sales are now open. By pre-ordering directly from us, you help Daily Maverick know how many books to print (we like and respect trees). We’ll receive the books in the first week of February and we offer free delivery anywhere in South Africa.

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