The bestselling books in South Africa – August 2019

This list represents the bestselling books in South Africa from the previous four weeks to 31 July 2019, and combines fiction and non-fiction bestsellers.

Originally published on the Daily Maverick as part of a collaboration with The Reading List. 


#1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
by Mark Manson

Months on the list: 4
Previous rank: 1

Zen and the art of running out of f*cks to give, on purpose, as quickly as possible. People aren’t just born not giving a f*ck, after all: you’ve got to learn it. Start here.


#2. The Stellenbosch Mafia: Inside the Billionaires’ Club
by Pieter du Toit

New on the list

Pieter du Toit is back with a new blockbuster. Released mid-month, it’s already charting in the top 5. The author examines South Africa’s “club” of winelands billionaires to determine whether the town has an outsized influence on business and society.


#3. The 5am Club
by Robin Sharma

Months on the list: 4
Previous rank: 3

Own your mornings, master your life – and try not to think too hard about the book two spots above this one in the rankings, lest you stop giving a f*ck about being an early riser and conquering all challenges in your path.


#4. Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope
by Mark Manson

Months on the list: 3
Previous rank: 2

It’s a bit f*cking unfair that Manson has two titles in the Top Ten, but his formula is irresistible. He tackles the question of how to be an optimist in a world going to sh*t.


#5. Knife: A Harry Hole Novel
by Jo Nesbo

New on the list

Harry Hole is back! And facing a deadly foe: the first killer he put behind bars, the notorious Svein Finne.


#6. Manage Your Money like a F*cking Grownup
by Sam Beckbessinger

Months on the list: 4
Previous rank: 9

You don’t know how to budget for your lunch breaks, much less your life. You haven’t asked for a raise in years and you have too many credit cards in your wallet. This book will sort you out. This book is the book to f*cking get. Great to see it back in the top 10.


#7. Becoming
by Michelle Obama

New on the list

Obama returns to the bestseller list after a few months away. We’re still hoping this is the first book in a trilogy that’s followed by Becoming President and Becoming President Again.


#8. The World’s Worst Teachers
by David Walliams

New on the list

Walliams’ delightfully dreadful collection of the most gruesome grown-ups ever, the worst teachers in the world. Illustrated, as always, by the superb Tony Ross.


#9. City of Girls
by Elizabeth Gilbert

Months on the list: 2
Previous rank: 6

The author of Eat, Pray, Love has delivered a novel of glamour, sex, and adventure in 1940s New York that, according to one critic, pairs well with a cocktail or two.


#10. Living Coloured (Because Black & White Were Already Taken)
by Yusuf Daniels

New on the list

Daniels’ funny, poignant memoir, written as a series of vignettes on Coloured life on the Cape Flats and surrounds. Online reviews have gushed with praise.


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