Teko Modise’s new book The Curse of Teko Modise will reveal ‘shocking stuff’ – including how he consulted ‘a powerful medicine man’ from the Congo
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17 November 2017

Teko still didn’t know what this all-powerful king wanted with him, but he said something that made the hairs on Teko’s neck stand to attention.

“You know, Teko. Me, I don’t sacrifice human beings. That’s the difference between some people and me …”

Teko Modise says he will reveal ‘shocking’ details from his life in a new book, The Curse of Teko Modise.

The Curse of Teko Modise is written by Nikolaos Kirkinis and will be launched by Jacana Media on 28 November 2017 at Exclusive Books Rosebank.

On his Instagram page, Modise said he feels ‘happy and blessed’ to share the book with his fans, adding that it reveals his ‘trials and tribulations’, as well as ‘more shocking stuff’.

The book reveals how Modise consulted with ‘a powerful medicine man – a king from the Congo’ to help break the curse that prevented him from winning a trophy, despite playing for South Africa’s most successful teams (see below).

About the book:

Teko ‘the General’ Modise is one of the best footballers South Africa has ever produced. But life wasn’t always kind. At eight years old, Teko was kicked out of his home for the very thing that would catapult him to stardom – football.

Teko had a tough battle to the top of football stardom. After a series of contractual battles that saw him passed from team to team in Limpopo, he would get his big break when he was signed to SuperSport United, a premier-league team.

At the height of his career he played for Orlando Pirates, becoming the superstar of South African football. His downward spiral came around the time of the 2010 World Cup when he went through a messy and public divorce, and developed a nasty drinking habit. It was at this stage that Teko was approached by a powerful medicine man – a king from the Congo.

2016 was a turning point in his career, finally breaking the curse of Teko and winning the CAF Champions League with Mamelodi Sundowns.

This story tells it all, from poverty to fame, from love to divorce. A fatherless father trying to make sense of parenthood and a man who never had money trying to make sense of an abundance of wealth and the evils it brings, all the while maintaining his status as the greatest South African footballer of the modern era.

Image of Teko Modise from his website

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